Products for the automotive industry

EMCOCABLES is present in the tire industry with its manufacturing of tire bead wires. We provide bead wire to notable brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, and Continental.

Control Wire Ropes

Also known as Guayas, Control Cables are typically comprised of smaller diameters used for brakes, clutches, power windows and accelerators wire ropes in cars and trucks. The most common constructions are: 1×12, 1×19, 1×32, 1×37, 1×14, 6×7, 7×7, and 6×12. They can be of polished, or galvanized finish, and their diameters can vary from 3/64 to 3/8 of an inch.

Tire Bead

With the technical assistance of the U.S based National Standard Company, EMCOCABLES S.A produces wire for tire bead, one of the most technologically demanding steel products to produce due to its stringent quality requirements.

In our modern copper coating plant, we produce wires for tire bead wire for cars, bicycles, and motorcycles.